Tyent is a certified Medical grade water ionizer with Japanese technology from TAE YOUNG E&T CO. LTD, South korea. Tyent is a most trusted & most selling reputed water ionizer brand in the space of Hydrogen Rich alkaline water ionizers spreading roots across 36 countries across the globe, Since 1995. Tyent is well known for its patented & updated technology. Tyent is always one step ahead of its completion with its own in house R&D, testing, innovation and execution experience since 1995 with a incredible history of 25+ years.

Medilight healthcare has been the most significant & most recognized company in the space of Hydrogen-rich alkaline water ionizers in India since 2016. After good research time, Medilight health care has partnered with Tyent water ionizers in India to launch a trustable and certified water ionizer without too many middlemen interference and hold good after-sales and support responsibilities. So To date, We have successfully reached more than 200,000 + kitchens in the span of 5 years. Our in detail & In house specialized R&D, testing, installation procedure, techniques, on-time doorstep service & complete analysis of typical Indian input waters make the water ionizer's functionality more reliable & trouble-free for Indian users.

What is Kangen Water  ?

Kangen is a Water Ionizer which is manufactured by Enagic & Co. Which is nothing special than other water ionizers except that it is little popular because of its “Referal Marketing”(similar to MLM) business model. The Enagic company’s Kangen machine is sold at “Double the price” compared to other water ionizers in the market as nearly 40%-45% of the machine cost will be distributed as commission to almost 30 middle men through their MLM structure on each sale. The biggest set back in considering a kangen water machine for domestic use in India is lack of integrated after sales customer support or door step service in major cities across the country.

Why Tyent ?

At Medilight healthcare, We believe in Traditional marketing method to ensure product delivery occurs from the Manufacturing unit to the Customer without middlemen. Tyent water ionizers are designed to provide pure, healthy hydration for the modern family with advanced Japanese technology where the Ionization chamber has been manufactured by Permelec Company, Japan. Tyent water ionizers made available at an affordable cost with more transparency to the customers.

Do u really want to know how Tyent is more superior and more advanced

pH range:2.5 - 11.5PH*

PH Levels

pH range:2.5 - 11.5PH*

Uses advanced Solid hybrid mesh plates with Japanese technology which are Strong and more effective

Plate Material

Uses old Solid plates that are strong but less effective

Uses advanced patented SMPS PLUS technology which is more flexible and programmable

Electronic power supply

Uses outdated Old transformer which causes lot of heat.

Has Turbo level to make Super strong 11.5pH & 2.5pH with out using any chemicals and so totally safe.

chemical Free

Uses artificial chemical enhancer to produce Super Strong 11.5pH & 2.5pH.

Built in hydrogen boost feature to produce More concentration of anti-oxidant molecular hydrogen at drinking levels.

More anti-oxidant

No special feature to produce more amount molecular hydrogen anti-oxidants at drinking water

Negative ORP range upto - 1000*

ORP range

Negative ORP range upto -700*

Sales through traditional marketing. (No MLM & No commission structure)

Scale Mode

Sales through MLM, where 40% - 50% of price is distributed as commissions.

Warranty 3 years on ionizer & 15 years on plates.


Warranty 3 years on ionizer & on plates.

Doorstep service.


NO doorstep service


Price: 153,000/-
Generates: 7 Water types
Plates: 5
ORP: -800
Warranty: 3 yr & 15 yr on plates
Price: 218,000/-
Generates: 5 Water types
Plates: 4
ORP: -450
Warranty: 3 years.
Price: 185,000/-
Generates: 7 Water types
Plates: 7
ORP: -900
Warranty: 3 yr & 15 yr on plates
Price: 277,000/-
Generates: 5 Water types
Plates: 7
ORP: -631
Warranty: 5 years.
Price: 217,000/-
Generates: 7 Water types
Plates: 9
ORP: -1050
Warranty: 3 yr & 15 yr on plates
Price: 3,45,000/-
Generates: 5 Water types
Plates: 8
ORP: -722
Warranty: 5 years.
Price: 248,000/-
Generates: 7 Water types
Plates: 11
ORP: -1200
Warranty: 3 yr & 15 yr on plates
Price: 3,78,000/-
Generates: 5 Water types
Plates: 12
ORP: -800
Warranty: 5 years.

World's No: 1 Tyent Alkaline water ionizer - Now officially available in India.

Tyent NMP series water ionizer (Above the Counter Extreme Series)

Tyent Vs Enagic kangen, In-detail product, technology & warrenty comparison

Tyent water ionizer has more than 60 International patents and certified by all International quality certification authorities.

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